Technology does not substitute a capacity. It supports a talent.

Thanks to our philosophy, the high quality of Ridolfi wines is also the result of a particularly avant-garde company. Competent and specialized professionals and innovative wine-making and bottling techniques work alongside the experience of our ancestors and artisan processes, exalting their potential and improving performance.

Without sullying the soul of the wine. Because respect is another essential value for Ridolfi. Because nature rewards he who does not betray the land.



Ridolfi is fully organic from 2014, in the vineyards and in winery.

Deep ties to the environment lead us to eliminate the utilization of both mineral fertilizers produced by chemical synthesis and of chemical pesticides and to cultivate the vineyards by means of close daily control and attention.

The soil is worked using the residues of the fermentation of the grapes, green manure, and the cover crop is a mixture of various sown seeds.

These operations, by increasing the fertility of the soil, give it an additional vitality, and allow the plants to grow in a healthy way.

Protection of the vines is carried out by aiming at preventive action and the stimulation the natural defenses of the plants.

We spray with low doses of sulfur and copper supplemented by various plant and seaweed extracts, and utilize “sexual confusion” methods to control the insect population in the vineyards.